What is the difference between astronomy and astrology?

There are so many aspects of knowledge, and it is also not surprising to know that many people often confuse some similar-sounding terms. An excellent example of this is astronomy and astrology. While some people think they are one and the same, others find it hard to actually point out the difference. In this article, we are going to examine both concepts and explain the differences between the two.

Before the differences are outlined, it must be stated that long time ago, astronomy and astrology had fundamental shared roots in knowledge but as knowledge evolved, the differences between the two became very clear and apparent. The differences became so apparent that while astronomy is considered to be one of the greatest forms of science, astrology is not considered to be any form of science at all. In very simple terms, astronomy can be defined as the scientific study of the universe and all that is within it beyond our planet. Astronomers are saddled with the analysis of the locations, movements, and characteristics of the heavenly bodies.

  Astrology, on the other hand, is described as a pseudoscientific attempt to understand how these locations, movements and characteristics influence human beings and their activities right here on our planet. For thousands of years, astrologers (experts in astrology) tried to perfect their trade, and it was this pursuit that eventually boosted the advancement of astronomy.

  Even though astrology is not considered to be any form of science today, it is interesting to know that until the end of the 17th century, astrology was actually considered to be a serious science, and astrologers were highly respected. But the discoveries in science clearly outlined that only astronomy can be considered to be scientific. This was because the scientific method could not be applied to verify the very outlandish claims made by astrologers.

Today, even though astrology is considered by the scientific community as nothing but a relic from the past, there are still so many people who believe in astrological predictions. For this reason, they consult the astrologers and check their horoscopes first before they do anything significant in their lives. Some take this so seriously, that they will not marry someone if the horoscope predicts that they are not a good match.

  Some people with very scientific minds really wonder why astrology is still accepted globally. Even though scientists do not consider astrology to be anything serious, the fact that so many human beings visit astrologers, even human beings in very powerful positions, point to the fact that the human mind itself is as complex as the universe being studied by the astronomers. It is not clear if the influence of astrology will vanish totally in this century.