Science Shows: Preschool to Yr 4

The following shows are suitable for children in preschool up to year 4.

All Mixed Up!  *NEW*

30 minute duration
Mix a little bit of this and a little bit of that to make slime, bubbles and much more. Discover what happens when super cool and very warm things come together. Come celebrate the fun and wonder of chemistry as we create some crazy concoctions!

Bubbles And Balloons

30 minute duration
Our most popular show for younger audiences! Find out what bubbles and balloons are made of, learn why bubbles are so stretchy and lazy, compete in a balloon race and watch us put a brave volunteer inside a giant bubble. Science concepts include liquids, surface tension, evaporation and air pressure.

Busy Body

30 minute duration
A fun introduction the human body for younger children using interactive games, props and costumes.  Try to balance as you walk the plank and discover that there are actually many more than just 5 Senses. Science concepts include protective clothing, sun safety, muscles, skeletons, bone joints, lungs, the heart, the digestive system and healthy eating.

H20: The Science of Water 

30 minute duration
Discover how much of our bodies is made up of water and find out if it is really safe to drink our own urine! Enjoy a variety of fun experiments using liquid nitrogen, water, ice and water vapour. Science concepts include: different uses of water, water in the human body, water on Earth, states of matter (solids, liquids, gasses), floating/sinking, surface tension, evaporation, water cycle and water conservation/sustainability from an Indigenous perspective.

Sound & Music

30 minute duration
Loads of good vibrations and ingenious DIY musical  instruments in this show!  Discover how your vocal cords work, play the amazing musical coat hanger and marvel at the famous Science Space straw trombone!  Learn about tuning forks and how to make farm yard sound effects from a bucket and a plastic cup!  Science concepts include pitch, how sound is made, why it needs energy and how it travels.

Fantastic Fluids

30 minute duration
Gooey, oozy science fun! Unravel the strange properties of slime, air, toothpaste, tomato sauce and liquid nitrogen as you learn about fluids. Discover how sand behaves like a fluid, watch a fluid race and explore the science behind bouncing putty. Science concepts include liquids, stir thickening/thinning fluids and how fluids change and transform.


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