There are a number of ways to learn about science here at Science Space, offering an insightful and educational experience for all ages. 

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Interactive Exhibits

Our exhibit gallery consists of over 100 hands-on exhibits which demonstrate science, engineering and technology in action. 

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Science Shows

Live science shows provide an interactive and fun way to explain some common concepts of science. From Bubbles and Balloons to Liquid Nitrogen, our team offer up to 9 unique and interactive science shows held in the Illawarra Coal Science Theatre. Science shows run on weekends, school holidays and during the week as requested by schools.

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Planetarium Shows

Our planetarium shows take places within the BlueScope planetarium. All shows are preceded by a live night sky presentation through the planetarium's Zeiss star projector, and followed by a near full-dome immersive show. Planetarium shows run on weekends, and during the week as requested by booked groups. 



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School Excursions

An educational excursion to Science Space allows school groups the opportunity to participate in a wide range of programs and gain a greater knowledge and understanding of science, engineering and technology. 

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We can bring science straight to your school through our outreach program StarTrails. Our team can provide all of our interactive science shows and even let students explore the stars through our inflatable mobile planetarium.









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